Reduced Thickness Event-by-event Nuclear Topology

TRENTo is a simple, fast model for the initial conditions of high-energy nuclear collisions (pp, pA, AA). PRC 92 011901 / arXiv:1412.4708 [nucl-th] formally presents the model and preliminary results. The code is publicly available on github.

Pb-Pb events

Pb-Pb events generated by the model using different p-means


First, install the dependencies: a C++11 compiler, Boost, and optionally HDF5. Then download the trento source and compile with CMake:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make install

See Installation for details.

Generate ten lead-lead events using default settings:

trento Pb Pb 10

trento prints the following event properties to stdout: event number, impact parameter, number of participants, total yield (energy or entropy), and eccentricity harmonics 2–5. To additionally save the event profiles to an HDF5 file:

trento Pb Pb 10 -o events.hdf

See Usage and Examples for complete documentation.


If you make use of this software in your research, please cite it. The BibTeX entry is:

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Running trento --bibtex will also print this entry.